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Bloom Artist Terms and Conditions

These terms were created due to real occurrences at past Bloom shows. By performing at Bloom, you are agreeing to these terms. Artists who fail to meet them will be excluded from future Bloom shows, playlists, artist release texts/emails, etc. 


All artists of all genres are welcome to play. However, music and/or live stage performances featuring any of these will not be tolerated:

- Discrimination or racism

- Crude humor

- Sexually explicit or violent language/behavior

- Provocatively removing clothing/nudity

- Encouragement of substance abuse AND/OR are under the influence at any point during the show. Please don’t play high. 

- Excessive profanity. 

Artists are expected to:

- Prepare and perform a set consisting of original music. 1-2 covers are acceptable, but please keep in mind the purpose of this show is to showcase your original music. Please make sure your set does not go over your allotted set time.

- Arrive on time for scheduled sound checks

- help promote the event on social media, to local friends or family etc, and share the event link from the time the first show announcement is made on Bloom’s Instagram (@bloommusic.collective) to show day. The goal is for each artist to bring their own audiences, so all artists can benefit from the cross-promotion nature of Bloom. This doesn’t work if only Bloom promotes; therefore, it’s a group effort between Bloom and the artists to pull an audience. While artists are not expected to bring a certain number of attendees, failure to promote the event is grounds for a reduction in pay.

- Vet all of your accompanying players and bandmates! Everyone on stage must adhere to the behavior/presentation guidelines. Please don't invite them to play if you are unsure they can. You are responsible for your accompanying players, and they are a direct representation of you on stage. Please choose your players wisely.

- If you encounter someone who wants to come to Bloom but can't afford to, Bloom has a pay-it-forward that covers the ticket cost (partial or in full) of those who cannot afford the full ticket price. Notify Bloom of these attendees so we can make arrangements for them, but please be honest. The ticket profits directly affect the artists' pay. 

Pay (Subject to change for future shows, but currently)

- Artists receive $50 base pay each plus 25% of the tickets they sell. The highest-selling artist headlines the night with additional set time. Artists can bring their merch to sell and keep 100% of their merch profits. 

Bloom Artist T&C Agreement

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