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Bloom Artist Terms and Conditions

By performing at Bloom, you are agreeing to these terms. Artists who fail to meet them will not be invited back and will be excluded from Bloom playlists, artist release texts/emails, etc. 




All artists of all genres are welcome to play. However, music and/or live stage performances featuring any of these will not be tolerated:

- Discrimination or racism

- Crude humor

- Sexually explicit or violent language/behavior

- Provocatively removing clothing/nudity

- Encouragement of substance abuse AND/OR are under the influence at any point from sound check to teardown after show end. Please don’t play high. 

- Excessive profanity


Artists are expected to:


- Prepare & perform a 30-minute set consisting of original music only. Not a hard cutoff, but please be respectful of the time limit

- Arrive on time for scheduled sound checks and be prepared to start on time. As a house show, we are playing in neighborhoods and amplified music must be cut off at 10 pm. We want to be sure everyone gets to play their set in its entirety before the 10 pm cutoff. 

- help promote the event on social media, to local friends or family etc, and share the link to the event from the time the first show announcement is made on Bloom’s Instagram (@bloommusic.collective) to show day. The idea for Bloom is that each artist brings audience members from his/her own fanbase, so all artists can cross-promote their music and gain new listeners. This doesn’t work if only Bloom promotes it; therefore, it’s a group effort between Bloom and the artists to get people there- it is not solely Bloom’s responsibility. While artists are not expected to bring a certain number of attendees, failure to promote the event is grounds for a reduction in pay.


Pay (Subject to change for future shows, but currently)

- Each act can expect to receive 25% of the night’s profits IF all parties contribute equally. Exceptions will be made for artists who draw a considerably larger audience, and for artists who fail to promote the event. No guaranteed amount of payment. No additional compensation for bands with more members than others. Artists can bring their merch to sell and keep 100% of their merch profits.

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